Kent Brockman is always reporting live from the Simpson’s Springfield TV station, and you should take the same approach to twitter. Broadcast your way to twitter prominence by tweeting a real-time, constant stream of commentary or facts about trending news topics.

The topic might just be something you’re interested in, but occasionally news breaks right outside your door and you can become the twitterverse expert on the subject in no time. It’s an excellent way to get twitter followers without having to buy twitter followers.


Livetweeting from or about great public gatherings like festivals or political debates is a great way to attract attention to your stream from people you’ve never tweeted with before. Even if you can’t gain entry, people are just as interested in man–in-the-street interviews as the main events inside. And remember to start tweeting about whatever you’re observing before it begins. When people are interested in a great event they tune in early, and you’ll want to be the first stream they find – and stick with.

To ensure that you get the most twitter followers for your efforts, don’t forget to use a straightforward hashtag so that general interest readers will be able to find you.

Welcome back to our series on how to post the best pictures on your Instagram account, while avoiding over-sharing! If you’re having trouble deciding which pictures to share and which ones should remain private, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help. If you don’t have enough followers we will guide you how to buy instagram followers

Situation #4: Dinnertime!

  1. To post- Food has become an integral part of Instagram. Everyone likes seeing pictures of delectable treats! So next time you master that recipe for double chocolate fudge cupcakes you found on Pinterest, definitely show your followers! Or if you try out the new diner that opened up and discovered they have the greatest banana pancakes in town, that’s Instagram-worthy as well! Your followers will thank you for sharing the good news.
  2. Not to post- If you’re packing a turkey sandwich and potato chips for lunch every day, your followers don’t really need to know about it. It can be fun to share your life on Instagram, but if you post pictures of your boring lunch every day, your followers are guaranteed to lose interest pretty quickly. You don’t have to photograph every meal you eat, especially if it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

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